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HY-FT22/Electric Heating Faucets
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HY-FT22/Electric Heating Faucets 
Series: Comfortable Type
Code: HY-FT22
Color: White
Spec/MM: 16*35
Weight/KG: 1.5

ElectricHeating Faucets/Comfortable Type/HY-FT22

Installation is simple, easy to use.  Hot and cold dual-use, unlimited hot water.  No need for water heaters and kitchen appliances boil water.

Tiny devices installed inside the faucets instantly heat water from faucets.

The collection of the "instant hot" advantages of gas water heater, water storage type electric water heater "safe" advantages,  "energy saving" advantages of the solar water heater.

Kitchen: washing the dishes, the vegetable & fruit, the rice, oil stain...

Bathroom:washing hands, face, shampoo, bath in the spring and autumn...

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