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Mini Physiotherapeutic air purifier/HY-09/Home Treasure

Series: Elegant
Code: HY-09
Color: Golden
Spec/MM: 185mm*¢82
Weight/KG: 0.35

Mini Physiotherapeutic air purifier/HY-09/Home Treasure

Intensive physiotherapy, exquisite life

This product can quickly relieve skin allergies, mosquito bites, cough, bad breath, toothache, rhinitis, smelly feet, and cuts, falls, burns, tumor, etc.. And they have obvious physical therapy effect for better sleep, eliminating fatigue, relieving itching, increasing appetite, falling blood pressure and being hypnotic, sedative, analgesic, antitussive, diuresis, senile chronic diseases and respiratory infections. There also have a very good role for physical development of infants and young children.

Placing on the cup position when driving, on the bedside table in bedroom, on the desk in your office, and the products are the best choice in the playroom, student dormitory, conference room, study bar, they are good for health and longevity every day.

Functions and Features:

1. This product adopts high energy ion and electrostatic technology purification principle, in the air purifier it is new field and accord with national standard.

2. Purification efficiency is more than 20% above the traditional HEPA, the wind resistance is almost zero, the noise is small, the purification effect is good.

3. The dust collector is free for lifetime and reused after cleanout with the water, no consumables to save money for you.

4. Intelligent probe detection , automatically detect air quality.

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