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Car Air Purifier/White Crane/HY-K05

Code: HY-K05
Color: White
Spec/MM: 74*170
Weight/KG: 0.25

Car Air Purifier/White Crane/HY-K05

Low noise,low energy consumption, to purify simply, refreshing breath.

This productis car air purifier of active suction, touch keys, intercepting filter the, toadopt  the anion purification technologyand imported HEPA filter of 360 ° suction filter for high circulationpurification, and choose double color lights.

Functions and Features:

1. UniqueOpening architecture, filter material being more energy-saving, long service life.

2.Electrostatic in technology, to keep filter material electrostatic forlong-term, adsorbing a variety of particle size.

3. To removedust and electrostatic. Increasing oxygen to the brain, to promote the blood circulation and metabolism, and improvinghuman immunity.

Technical Parameters:

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