Focus on indoor purification
wet towel dispenser, robot vacuum cleaner, car air purifier


AULICAS INDUSTRIES based in Hong Kong, was founded in 2005. AULICAS is  diversified enterprise, which is established by a Chinese-American. Main business includes new materials, environmental protection, mechanical equipment, etc.

AULICAS (Xiamen) is engaged in the health industry development with all my heart, to focus on for the global customers with reasonable indoor cleaning solution. At present, main product systems have wet towel dispenser, robot vacuum cleaner, car air purifier, and operate environmental protection equipment, household supplies, international economic cooperation projects, for the pursuit of intelligent, freshness, fashionable, healthy.

In China, AULICAS built a distribution service network covering major large and medium-sized cities and laid out multiple stores. In the international market, AULICAS takes cross-border e-commerce as the main body, and successfully develop the market of many countries and regions, such as: USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Korea, Singapore, India, Iran, etc..

In the future, with the vision of "dedicated to becoming a new lifestyle leader", AULICAS will continue to pass on the noble, fashionable and comfortable new lifestyle to thousands of families and users.

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